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25+ Beautiful DIY Ideas For Your Fireplace

25+ Beautiful DIY Ideas For Your Fireplace

25+ Beautiful DIY Ideas For Your Fireplace

Are you constructing a new house or you are renovating an older one? Both require your focus as well as your commitment to get all things done properly. If you are looking to add a stylish fireplace in your home or looking add new design to it then you don`t have to worry a lot as you can do this easily on your own too. There are many different DIY fireplace designs available from which you can choose the best one depending upon your choice. Following are some design ideas which you can go for while making your fireplace designs.

Large Mirror

This is one of the classic designs that can give a great new look to your fireplace. You just have to place a large mirror on top of your fireplace which can reflect the lights of chandelier to make it look awesome. You can choose modern or traditional style mirror depending upon overall decoration and style of your room.

Black Slate Fireplace

Another option to go for is to go for a classy painted fireplace surrounding. You can paint glamorous black slate using wood mantel. You should avoid using the ceramic tile as it will not have the same effect as you want.

Modern Mosaic

Iridescent-glass mosaic tiles can give a unique different look and can act as a jewel for your home decoration. You can use it on the fireplace.

Painted Brick Fireplace

If you wanted a simple, easy yet classy look for your DIY fireplace design then, you can apply a simple painted bricks idea. You can simply do white paint on the old bricks. It will not only look good but you can also save good amount of money that you may have to spend for designing some other feature as decoration.

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