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25+ DIY Decorative Bird House

25+ DIY Decorative Bird House

25+ DIY Decorative Bird House


If you are having a garden in your house and there are few trees too, then you must have noticed that few birds surely come to your garden every day. Now as the fall is approaching and the birds are migrating to other places, this provides us a perfect opportunity to make DIY bird houses. You can use the tree perks to make the houses for birds. You can make bird houses on your own and can easily hang it on the tress where you wanted. In case if you are not seeing any birds because of hard weather, don`t disappoint birds will come again in pleasant weather and then you don`t need to prepare their feeder and houses in hustle. There are many different types of birds houses from which you can choose the one that you like the most.

If you are one of those who love to do craft work or DIY activities then making a bird house will be a great activity for you. Mostly people will love to have a bird house made of wood. If you are thinking on same lines then making a bird house with driftwood will be a great idea for you. It will remain smooth and make an awesome DIY bird house.

Other than making bird houses you can also make bird feeders as it will also help the birds to eat well and safely while sitting on the tree perches. For this purpose you can use an upside down wine bottle. You simply need to make a frame and then attach the wine bottle upside down to the frame. It will make an awesome feeder for your feather friends. You need to fill the bottle with variety of seed depending upon the bird’s type coming to your garden.

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