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30+ Crazy Diy Projects To Reuse Clothespins

30+ Crazy Diy Projects To Reuse Clothespins

30+ Crazy Diy Projects To Reuse Clothespins

Clothespin can make beautiful crafts and home décor for school going kids. You can adorable tiny toys, impressive decorations for home as well as wedding decorations on your big day. There are some DIY clothespin projects that your kids will surely love as you can also engage them in these activities. Most plans don`t require anything other than some clothespins, some decorative elements and a hot glue gun. So if you have made your mind to get started, following are the plans.

DIY Clothespin Picture Line

You can make a picture line with the help of clothespin and can place anywhere you want, but it is mostly loved in kids room. To make a picture line you will require few mini clothespins and a rope. You can choose the clothespin of your favorite colors and a rope that can suit your needs. The length of rope should also be selected very carefully as per your requirement. Now fix the rope in place where you want and put your favorite photos. You will be able to decorate your home with the help of DIY clothespin project without some expensive purchases.

Clothespin as Headphones De-Tangling Tool

Almost every one of us faces the difficult situation of tangled headphones. No matter where we place these, in pockets, bags or even in the drawers, they get tangled. Whenever we take them out we found them in tens of knots. So if you wanted to have your headphones de-tangled then try the wonder with clothespin. You just need a clothespin, clear coating and decorative sticky tape. You just need to roll the earphone wire through the loophole and the roll the wire around the peg. This way you will be easily able to achieve your desired task of making a de-tangling tool. Good luck!

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