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30+ Diy Brick Walls Ideas

30+ Diy Brick Walls Ideas

30+ Diy Brick Walls Ideas

Are you looking to make some renovation in your house or looking to protect your garden by constructing a brick wall. If this is so, and you know how to use different tools and love doing things yourself then you can construct DIY brick wall yourself. For construction of brick wall you will require following material.
  • Brick chisel
  • Plastic sheets
  • Small crow bar
  • Brick sealer
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Eye protection and dust mask

You must know that it is really difficult to remove plaster from brick wall. It becomes more difficult if it was an old house. When you proceed you may find it difficult at start but using the plastic sheets will be worth using. You can tap these on the walls and ceiling to completely protect the area. You must wear dust mask and eye protection to protect you from any damage.

The next step in DIY brick wall construction is to make a hole in plaster. It will not only make you able to access the quality of bricks. When you create the hole you will be able to remove plaster without damaging the bricks by using crowbar or chisel.

Once the bricks are exposed you now need to clean the bricks. You should use warm water to clean the dust. In case if you find holes or cracks in bricks you can fill these using cement.

After removing the dust and filling the cracks, you need to seal the wall. For that you must choose the brick sealer from different kinds of sealers available. You can go for mat solution as it looks natural and real as compare to gloss. You should follow the instructions carefully while applying the sealer to get the best result. So what are you waiting for now? Make arrangements and start DIY brick wall.

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