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30+ Super Interesting DIY Garden Globes Ideas

30+ Super Interesting DIY Garden Globes Ideas

30+ Super Interesting DIY Garden Globes Ideas

Are you having a garden at your home and you are now looking to add decorative or beautification elements to your garden. If this is what you are looking for then you should go for DIY garden globes as they can not only add beauty to your garden but will also provide you an opportunity to bring out your creativity. You can easily get the old lightening globes from the market for cheap that can be used for making garden globes.

You can beautify these garden globes by making decorative addition. You can use the hot glue as it can help in securing the decorative items in place and don`t allow slipping away. First of all you can start by adding glass flat sided marbles that you can easily purchase from market. These stones along with the engraved stones that are available in home easily can be enough to decorate your DIY garden globe. You can also add some other decoration items as per your choice and availability.

One thing you need to make sure is that your garden globe should be water tight because you have to put it in the garden and if it is not water tight then it can become troublesome after few rains. You should use silicone to make it water tight.

Once you are done with attaching the decoration items to your globe you should paint these in different colors as per your choice. When paint is done, you need to get it dry for few hours and then place the globes in the garden. The DIY garden globe should be placed in such a way, that they can make your garden beautiful and colorful. Making of these garden globes is a fun activity that you must perform to add decoration to your garden.

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