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33+ DIY Dog House Ideas Your Best Friend Will Absolutely Love

Dogs are regarded as one of the most faithful pet animals. If you are having a fury friend at your home and you are looking to a build a house for him, that`s great. There are few important things that you need to keep in mind before you start making a DIY dog house for your pet.

First of all you need a solid plan to start with. This is important because if you start without a plan then there are chances that you may make some mistakes while performing the task. Second important thing is that you should prepare your material and tools. If you are not well equipped to start this project you will again face difficulties or it will took extra time to complete your project.

Once you are done with getting the effective plan and getting all the tools and material, you should start building a DIY dog house. You must start with making the base of kennel. You should make a base that is according to the size of your dog. The kennel must not be too large or too small. Once you have nailed the base to make it secure, you should cut the wood to make walls of dog house. You can add foam to the walls to make the kennel comfortable.

After you have made the walls, you should proceed with roof frame. For roof you can choose shingle or pretreated wood, it depends on your own choice. You are done with the main structure, but if you wanted to add some extras, you can do it so by adding a window or a small deck in front of DIY dog house, where your fury dog may sit in pleasant weather. When you are done with basic structure, then you should paint the dog house in beautiful colors of your liking.

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