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There are people who love doing different things. Some have hobbies like gardening, reading, cooking etc. and some like creating DIY crafts. In case you are also one of those who wanted to spend your leisure time in making crafts then, have you tried DIY map crafts? If no, then you should surely try these craft, they are really easy to make and can give a beautiful feel in your home. Following are some easy and interesting map craft ideas that can create on your own.

Glass Pendant
Everyone has some favorite places, so why don`t you commemorate your favorite place on your necklace. For this you simply have to cut that place from the map and place it on your necklace.

Covered Wall
Another great DIY map craft idea is to give your study room walls a different and attractive look with the help of world map. If you don`t want to cover entire wall with the map, then you can use it as decoupage medium or atlases. It will also give a nice effect.

Storage Boxes
Do you have some storage boxes in your home? If yes and currently they are not looking nice, then you can easily make them attractive by covering them with world map. Once you do so, then you don`t have to put these shoe boxes or other storage boxes behind closed doors.

Table Top
This is definitely one of the best ideas. You can easily add a DIY map craft on your table top. For this you can even use an old or repurposed table because this new table top can bring it to life. You just have to get a map and apply it as table top with the help of Mod Podge and you will done with a new and attractive table that you can place anywhere in your home.