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Exciting DIY Wardrobes Ideas

DIY Wardrobes Ideas 1 - Exciting DIY Wardrobes Ideas

If you are looking to add more space to your wardrobe and are searching some ideas, then you have reached right place. Here you will find different easy and exciting DIY wardrobe ideas that can not only make your wardrobe look unique and attractive but can also provide you extra storage facility.

You must have seen that there are many wardrobes, who`s door are of no use. So why don`t you bring to life. You can simply put a mirror on the outer side which can surely provide a great overall look. Further you can also use the inside of your wardrobe door to place some small shelves that can allow you to put different small things on it. Or you may also hang some small baskets which can hold on your different accessories perfectly.

Adding another Rod
If you are looking to add space in your kid’s wardrobe then you can easily add a second hanging rod in the wardrobe. This rod should be placed in the center of your wardrobe. It will not only allow you hang more dresses but you will also place these dresses at little distance from others so they won`t get tangled.

Shoe Shelves
Another easy and interesting DIY Wardrobe idea is to add a shoe shelf. You can do this at the bottom end of your wardrobe. It will surely provide you enough space that you can place 15 pairs of shoes easily in that space. Further you don`t need to have a separate storage option for your shoes. So this will serve your two requirements easily.

These are few of the many easy DIY wardrobe ideas that can help you a great deal in making good storage space in your wardrobe. It is especially really effective for those who are living in small spaces.

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