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Six Petal DIY Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers 2 - Six Petal DIY Paper Flowers

If you have some free time at home, and you are looking to make this time count by add some beautiful decoration to your home, then try making DIY paper flowers. It is not really difficult to create these flowers on your own. Once you have learned to make these flowers, you will surely try to add as many paper flowers to your home as possible. There are different pattern through which you can come with beautiful paper flowers. It all depends on how you fold the paper and then cut the petals.

Material Required

Craft paper
Small paint brush or round object

Steps for Making DIY Paper Flowers

  • First of all you need to arrange 4 craft papers of identical size. For this project I go with 4 x 4 inches paper.
  • Now you need to fold these papers into half and after that into even thirds.
  • Once you are done with folding the paper, then you need to cut the petal shape. For this you may draw the petal pattern on the folded paper or if you can cut the arch shape you can do so without drawing pattern. Likewise you need to cut 3 more as you should have 4 of these. By doing so you will get 6 petals of DIY paper flower on each paper.
  • Now with the help of round object or small paint brush you can create curves on paper petals.
  • Now simply apply glue to one side of your petal and join it with the opposite side.
  • With this we get 2 pieces having 5 petals, 1 piece having 4 petals, 2 pieces having 3 petals, 1 piece having 2 petals and 2 pieces having I petal each.

To finalize your DIY paper flower, you simply have to start gluing the petaled paper over one another. Make sure that the paper with most petals need to be at the bottom. Try to make a nice arrangement so that your paper flower look nice and attractive.

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