30+ DIY Bracelets You Need To Check Out

If you remember in 90s there emerges a fashion of friendship bracelets. Everyone at that time seems to enjoy wearing these colorful and beautiful friendship bracelets. Now after a decade later this trend makes a long awaited comeback. The trend of wearing the bracelets is back with some extra accessories. Now you can see that today`s bracelets are more colorful, having different shapes, colors and patterns. It can be said that the bracelets today are reinvented to have a colorful and joyful accessory. To make it more colorful and personal thing you can create DIY bracelets. Following are some ideas that may be successful for you in this effort of making bracelets for your arms.

Wrap Bracelets

One of the best choices of bracelet for your wrist is a multicolor wrap bracelet. This is a colorful yet very simple way of adding style to your personality and it can also add to your plainest outfits. Making this bracelet is also not a very difficult thing.

DIY Beaded Bracelets

If you are looking to make a DIY bracelet at your home, then going for a beaded bracelet is not a bad idea at all. You just have to wear it on your wrist and pair it with textures like silk and metal that can provide a great contrast.

Heart Bracelets

If you are looking to give a gift to your boy friend then there is no better choice than to gift him a heart bracelet. For this you need to take some time out and weave cute heart pattern on friendship bracelet. It is one of the most popular DIY bracelet ideas when it comes to gifting to your boyfriend.
So these are few designs for bracelets that you can easily make on your own. This can provide you an opportunity to add colors and designs of your choice. Good luck!

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30+ Cute DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Enhance Your Garden

If you are looking for ways to make your garden look beautiful, then you may have come across some nice ideas. It`s nice if you have already added birdbath project to your garden beautification plan, but if not then you should consider it too, as it will look adorable and make your garden look great. It will be a great addition especially if you are a bird loving person and love to welcome birds to your garden. Making these DIY birdbaths projects will be a good choice instead of purchasing large stone birdbaths from local stores as it can save you good amount of money. The only thing you require to complete this project is little creativity on your part. You can make these birdbaths with already available material that you might have purchased from a local store for cheap or even with material available at your home that is not being used for any other project. Following are some ideas for birdbath project.

Bowl Bath or Decorative Basin

If you are looking for some of the easiest DIY birdbath project, then you can go for decorative basins or beautiful bowl as these are very easy to make and have enough depth so birds can easily take bath in them.

Old Lamp Birdbath

If you are looking add a neat looking birdbath in your garden then there might not be any good choice other than using an old lamp. It can serve as a beautiful base for your bird bath bowl. The only thing you need is to make sure to find a bowl that match the lamp.

Old Sink Birdbath

You may have an old sink in your bathroom that is of no use for you. If this is the case, then the best thing for you is to use it as a DIY birdbath project. You can use PVC pipes to hold the heavy sink.

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25+ Beautiful DIY Ideas For Your Fireplace

Are you constructing a new house or you are renovating an older one? Both require your focus as well as your commitment to get all things done properly. If you are looking to add a stylish fireplace in your home or looking add new design to it then you don`t have to worry a lot as you can do this easily on your own too. There are many different DIY fireplace designs available from which you can choose the best one depending upon your choice. Following are some design ideas which you can go for while making your fireplace designs.

Large Mirror

This is one of the classic designs that can give a great new look to your fireplace. You just have to place a large mirror on top of your fireplace which can reflect the lights of chandelier to make it look awesome. You can choose modern or traditional style mirror depending upon overall decoration and style of your room.

Black Slate Fireplace

Another option to go for is to go for a classy painted fireplace surrounding. You can paint glamorous black slate using wood mantel. You should avoid using the ceramic tile as it will not have the same effect as you want.

Modern Mosaic

Iridescent-glass mosaic tiles can give a unique different look and can act as a jewel for your home decoration. You can use it on the fireplace.

Painted Brick Fireplace

If you wanted a simple, easy yet classy look for your DIY fireplace design then, you can apply a simple painted bricks idea. You can simply do white paint on the old bricks. It will not only look good but you can also save good amount of money that you may have to spend for designing some other feature as decoration.

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35+ Easy DIY Flower Garden Ideas

Flowers are one thing that mostly people don`t dislike, unless there are some health issues. Mostly people who are having gardens no matter small or large, they prefer to have some flower in it. So if you are also one of those lucky people who are having lawn in their home then you must set up some flower garden in it. There are many easy DIY flowers garden ideas available from which you can choose the best one depending upon the area and taste. Some of those ideas are given below.

Flower Bed Border

One of the cheapest and easiest landscaping ideas that you can apply in your lawn is to make a stone edged flower bed border. There you can plant simple pretty to give a nice look.

Hiding your AC Unit

This one is a nice idea for all those who wanted to hide their AC outer unit. You just need to build a small planter and plant the beautiful flowers in it. it can easily cover the AC unit.

DIY Water Feature

In most of the lawns there is stream or ponds available. So if you have this facility you can make it look much better by adding water feature. It will also not take a lot of money to do so, but it will surely look great. You can make a beautiful water fountain that appear good to eye.

Plant Evergreen

Another DIY flower garden idea includes planting the evergreens. For this you just need a wooden planter and some evergreen flowers that you can easily get from nearby nursery. Once you plant these flowers successfully you won`t have to worry a lot for replacing or taking extra care of them because they can survive different weather conditions easily. Make sure you choose the right kind of flowers for your flower garden to give a good impression.

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30+ Chic DIY Vases As Pretty As The Flowers Themselves

Spring has just arrived so you should make yourself prepared for the season of beautiful flowers and colors. Now you should bring home some fresh colorful flowers or even bouquets to greet or thanks someone. So if this is the case and you are a flower lover to the core then may be at some occasions you run out of places where you can place these beautiful flowers. If this is the situation then you can tackle it by making DIY flower vases at home. It will not only solve your difficulty but it won`t cost you much either. Following are the easy solution that you can make at home.
The easiest one to start the project is to go for a pattern covered vases. This you can easily make by using your own paint pens.
If you are having some extra paper bag that comes with some accessory or you purchased it for cheap, then you can easily convert it into a DIY flower vase by just drawing heart, triangle or any other shape you like.
Is there some floral bottles available with you, then it can also become a beautiful flower vase. You just need to give it the color you like.
Do you have floppy disks which are of no use now, so why don`t you turn these floppy disks into a flower vase. These can be an adorable addition to your flower vase collection.
If you are looking to make some solid vases then you can use old bottles. These are perfect for making vases and can be decorated easily.
In case you wanted to reuse your old planter box as DIY flower vase then you can do it too. To make it look good and different you can make gold strips with golden paint. It will look beautiful for sure.
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30+ Super Interesting DIY Garden Globes Ideas

Are you having a garden at your home and you are now looking to add decorative or beautification elements to your garden. If this is what you are looking for then you should go for DIY garden globes as they can not only add beauty to your garden but will also provide you an opportunity to bring out your creativity. You can easily get the old lightening globes from the market for cheap that can be used for making garden globes.

You can beautify these garden globes by making decorative addition. You can use the hot glue as it can help in securing the decorative items in place and don`t allow slipping away. First of all you can start by adding glass flat sided marbles that you can easily purchase from market. These stones along with the engraved stones that are available in home easily can be enough to decorate your DIY garden globe. You can also add some other decoration items as per your choice and availability.

One thing you need to make sure is that your garden globe should be water tight because you have to put it in the garden and if it is not water tight then it can become troublesome after few rains. You should use silicone to make it water tight.

Once you are done with attaching the decoration items to your globe you should paint these in different colors as per your choice. When paint is done, you need to get it dry for few hours and then place the globes in the garden. The DIY garden globe should be placed in such a way, that they can make your garden beautiful and colorful. Making of these garden globes is a fun activity that you must perform to add decoration to your garden.

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30+ Decorative DIY Bookends To Spruce Up Your Shelves

If you are in love with book reading and have many books at home, then you should try to use these books as a decoration for your home rather than just placing these in the racks and shelves. You can easily do this with the help of DIY bookend ideas. You can make your bookcase and shelves more interesting by decorating and designing the bookends. Making the beautiful bookends is not a very difficult task but for this you should be little creative and has some experience of doing things yourself.

First of all you need to find some DIY bookend ideas that you can execute. For this the best source is to go online and search on the web. You will surely be able to find some of the fantastic ideas that you can easily execute without any difficulty. When you go online you should search different websites and try to find different ideas. It will help you in deciding the best one that you can carry easily. Searching for these ideas online is better than finding these from your local magazines and book stores; because this way you will be able to save a lot of time as well as money that you may have to spend while finding these ideas from the market.

When you are searching the DIY bookend ideas online, you should download or save the ideas along with complete details, like you should save the material requirements as well as the step by step procedure to follow. This is important because if you only read the idea and don`t save it then you might miss some step or other requirement that is important for fulfillment of the project. So what are you waiting for, search some interesting ideas to make bookends beautiful.

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15+ DIY Ways To Organize Your Backyard

No matter how big or beautiful your backyard is, but if it is not well organized then it will not look good at all. You may use your backyard for any purpose from entertaining and playing with your kids or arranging parties or even if you are sparing it for purely gardening purposes you need to organize it well. If there are toys lying everywhere in the garden or your gardening tools are placed without a proper cover and place, they will all get ruined. So it’s better to save your hard earned money with following ideas for DIY backyard organizers.

Poolside Storage

If you have a pool in your backyard and you don`t have any proper storage place for pool towels and other necessaries, then why don`t you use planter boxes for storage purposes. These planter boxes can serve your purpose well.

Feet Washing Station

No it’s not for those who are going to beech, this is for all those who love to spend most of the time barefoot while visiting their backyard. So you must think of washing your feet before you going inside. So to have a stylish feet washing station before going inside will be an attractive option.

DIY Garden Shed

One of the cutest DIY backyard organizers is to make a garden shed with the help of discarded windows and doors. The size of your shed can vary upon your requirements. To have a medium size shed should be enough to cater most of the needs. It will really look adorable.

Broken Rake used as tools holder

If you are having a broken rake at your home and you are thinking of throwing it away because you think it is worthless, then think again. Why don`t you use your rake as a tools holder in your backyard as DIY backyard organizer to make your tools safe. It will make a nice addition to your backyard.

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25+ DIY Decorative Bird House

If you are having a garden in your house and there are few trees too, then you must have noticed that few birds surely come to your garden every day. Now as the fall is approaching and the birds are migrating to other places, this provides us a perfect opportunity to make DIY bird houses. You can use the tree perks to make the houses for birds. You can make bird houses on your own and can easily hang it on the tress where you wanted. In case if you are not seeing any birds because of hard weather, don`t disappoint birds will come again in pleasant weather and then you don`t need to prepare their feeder and houses in hustle. There are many different types of birds houses from which you can choose the one that you like the most.

If you are one of those who love to do craft work or DIY activities then making a bird house will be a great activity for you. Mostly people will love to have a bird house made of wood. If you are thinking on same lines then making a bird house with driftwood will be a great idea for you. It will remain smooth and make an awesome DIY bird house.

Other than making bird houses you can also make bird feeders as it will also help the birds to eat well and safely while sitting on the tree perches. For this purpose you can use an upside down wine bottle. You simply need to make a frame and then attach the wine bottle upside down to the frame. It will make an awesome feeder for your feather friends. You need to fill the bottle with variety of seed depending upon the bird’s type coming to your garden.

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