Steps For Building DIY Hanging Shelves

You cannot deny the fact that the hanging shelves really look great. Now day’s people are really looking forward for building these shelves. So if you are also free at home and have nothing to do then why don`t you start DIY hanging shelves project. It will not only provide you a good productivity activity but will also help you to make a beautiful addition to your home.

Tools and Material Required

  • Screw driver
  • Electric drill
  • Screws
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Stud sensor
  • Pencil
  • Standard shelf brackets
  • Steps for building Hanging Shelves

Find the anchor studs
First of all you need to locate studs with the help of stud sensor which will allow you to hold these shelves in a standard place. You can mark the studs with the help of pencil.

Height of installation
You should be very much careful while you are looking to determine the height of your hanging shelves. It shouldn`t be too high or too low. Make a balance so that it won`t look bad. Further you can also place your decorative items easily on your hanging shelf. It will be good if you mark the place with pencil and measuring tape. Mostly people love to place these shelves just little above the mid of your wall.

Install shelf standards and brackets
In the next step you are required to secure the shelf standard and brackets with the help of electronic drill. When you are fixing the shelf standards and brackets then make sure that you check the vertical straightness with the help of level.

Install the shelves
The last step that you should do is to affix the wooden plank onto the brackets with the help of wooden screws. You can use screwdriver for this purpose. Make sure that you check carefully that these hanging shelves are secured properly before you put on your decorative items on them.

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