The Greatest Fashion Capitals Of The World

Every year we face new fashion brands and fashion houses rising and becoming such influential brands among the well-known ones. But what happens when brand new brands join the modeling world. Well, there is a list that confirms ups and downs during the whole year, and based on the statistics they are ranked from on a scale from one to ten. Each and one of them of the most important brands that have more than twenty or thirty years in the marketing still compete and with all the innovation that they bring still remain on the top 3. But let’s have a look which are the top 10 greatest fashion capitals of the world.

1. Paris: Interesting fact is that in 2015 Paris took the lead from New York in order to become the number one capital fashion of the world. Everybody is asking why or several questions relating to this. Well in fact La Ville Lumiere in Paris is the center or the head which has more than 50 successful houses of fashion all over the world and other homes have their own schools and houses of the fashion spread worldwide. To be mentioned is that Paris holds the world’s biggest fashion show.

2. New York: New York has always been in the top 4 during the history of fashion show over the years and it’s sad to say since he lost the lead against Paris which remains among the greatest and finest fashion capitals in the history of fashion. Still, number 2 is a huge rank while we are talking in 2020, so not to be sad but reaching rank 2 from the top 10 is a huge thing and if it keeps going like this rank 1 will be easy in the next years.

3. London: If we just say the Mod movement, this it’s correct. London is that fashion country that invented the Mod movement but since 2015 it kept a steady condition and nor progressed nor dropped down to ranks. How is that possible because London is a huge capital city which has produced several designers which are known as some of the most successful designers in the modeling industry such as Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, etc. These are some of the names between a long list. Nobody can give a proper answer but reaching the top 3 ranks in the modeling industry ranking from capitals is huge.

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