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What’s Parts Modeling

In the modeling industry, a pretty face isn't always in high demand. Since this industry has so many categories and one of those is modeling. This modeling category does not need your face to advertise but instead, it uses your body parts such as legs, hands, feet, etc. They are used a lot in commercials and advertisements for many major companies in the USA and abroad. To modeling industry parts models are here to tell the rest of the world that not always you need a pretty face to become a model.

Sometimes all it takes to step foot in the industry it’s charming body features. Those features are exactly what you need to open many doors in the modeling industry. Parts models are always on huge demands from companies that need perfect hands, feet, or legs to advertise their products and services. This modeling category is perfect for people who cannot become models in some other category due to their personal reasons but would still love to be part of this industry.

Big Companies Are Always In Need For Parts Modeling

You may think that because you don’t have the face of a model you can't force your way in the industry and that’s wrong. There are companies out there who seek perfect body parts such as your feet, hands, and legs, or even your beautiful eyes when they want to advertise their makeup, lips on lipstick advertisements, and healthy hairs whenever they need a model to advertise their shapes or other products. You don’t need to give up on your dreams of entering the modeling industry.

Just because you can't become a runway model you can always enter. For example, the parts category only requires you to have beautiful hands or feet and make them work for the camera. You need to be flexible because sometimes you need to hold your body features still for hours until the shooting is done. Don’t take parts modeling as easy because you still need to take great care to protect the assets you use for the camera.

What Body Parts Are The Most Wanted on Parts Modeling

Goes without saying that some of your parts can be used greatly in the parts industry compared to others. The three most wanted body parts are your hands, feet, and legs. Here are the reasons why. Hands: Parts models who use hands as they getaway in the industry should have the perfect female hands. To become a parts model using your hands you need to have slender hands with straight and long fingers and uniform nails. Your skin tone it’s also very important depending on the sort of ad you’ve been hired to shoot. Your hands should be the perfect size in order to fit any accessories on it ex. Rings, bracelets, or any other jewelry.

Foots: should also be perfect as you already thought. They must have an average or similar shoe size compared to the masses. Their toes must be straight with attractive ankles without a single blemish of any kind. Legs: Female legs are quite attractive in themselves. Now imagine the perfect legs. That would make any viewer go crazy and obviously they would pay attention to the commercial. Keep in mind that they should always be well moisturized and waxed at all times. You also need to have feminine legs and not muscular.

How are Parts Models Paid?

Believe it or not, part models can earn a lot. They can make a living out of modeling alone depending on whether they’re successful enough or not. Parts models can earn from $1,000- $5,000 depending on the company that’s hired them or the ad they’re shooting. If we take USA Parts models there make from $70,000 - $100,000. Goes without saying that the more markets you work for the more money you can make. So if you’re rejected from mainstream modeling and want to try something new those numbers can make you consider parts modeling as your new job.

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